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Now been eaten alive

Slowly I’m diminishing  friendships
They say it’s my anger
I say it’s there thoughts 
They say I’m a lovely person
I say what is it you want?
My body aches with physical pain in all places
They see it and offer help
I say I’m fine I don’t need you
They say is it your life story?
I say you know nothing  about my life story..
I’m just a pretty little liar ..
Born in to pain
It was dark my knees were weak I fell to your feet ..even with your reassurance your ok..
But there’s a side to you I never knew ..
All the things you said were never true..
And all the games you played you’d always win …
The pain you caused I’d watch my tears pour down face like fire rampaging over my body. .
You’d wipe my face and hold me till you thought I was ok …
and then begin again caressing my body..
My body and brain to this day ,fight the fire of pain..
Well I’m in this place ..
just sit quietly by side without criticizing me for what i feel !