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Going home

It’s been nearly on two weeks and I’m heading off home from respite. ..I’m greatful for all ..I’m sensitive still but can’t wait to be home .
Sleep has little improved so my journey will continue to be mine step by step feeling my way through this!
For now the lady that activated my anxiety this afternoon I hope she manages some how and finds piece.

Thank you for walking alongside me all


Home today and thank yous!

It’s 7:30 and I’m  excited to be going home not with out anxiety though. …
Haudi and myself chatted last night about meds …she even made me smile saying home is were you belong lisa we hugged I feel like I couldn’t have done it without a handful of people here that helped. …

Anxiety over work and home keeping calm will be my next step to surrender  ..and that i know I need gods gentle hand to guide me in the right direction. .will I continue to work were i am?
I feel a change..
I need time  with my  boys &hubby  I wanna feel they can feel i care  but also slow down enough to take care of this precious me ….I need to finish my journey!
it’s all so important to me now
Thank you precious friends for walking along side me…giving me courage and strength picking me up when I needed a hand to hold…
Thank you!
Sending love lisa

Ending day four

Today I woke feeling good even the possibility of going home was in mind…the morning progressed and my kids began calling and fighting the older one verbally abusing me and saying his not bringing his brother to visit…later hubby intervined  and they settled. …
Hubby visited and I decided I’ll do the last night ..but just that little anxiety turned me upside down and a need for prn meds was back and iv got a numb head making me confused am I ready for any little bit of  the world that awaits me ?
Monday is work and will I managed. .it’s also therapy day. ..
Will I become overwhelmed by life all again?