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It’s Friday night my younger child arrives hone from his 2 nd day@ work. Its 2:40pm Ikiss him and leave Myself for night shift with Brief conversation his tired his staying have. At 5:34 pm he text My husband saying he was helping afriend Josh Weld some Brackets My husband says what time you home10pm Or just Before-

Iarrive home @11:23 andto my amazement his Bed is empty, My older son calles me IMake coffee We llat I mention his Brothers Not home the says were he? Isay not sure dad has Been up the entire of Last night with work so I’ll Wait few minutes finish talking with you and hopefully he’ll Be have- Mom fi nahum his only 16 yes I will Boet\

At11:50 NO Nik walk into our Room wake My husband asking were Nik is he says@ Josh Welding realizing I’m home and- ┬áit’s well after10pm he jumps up gets dressed and we go there-


  • Found our child Bike laying in apaking lot , hearts racing We scrambled looking i n between factories No_One around
  • Banged on Work shop door& house NO Reply
  • Drove Town No child
  • Stop @ police station No Child
  • It’s1 am Back to his hoUse No Body there We Bang call, shout – hoot No Answer
  • 2 am police are looking for him This is Not his Character his quite homely and doesn’t do drugs drinks@ home
  • every har we there looking Back home No Nik @3 a m we Ring hospitals ifhe was Brought IN/ No Nik
  • we home again we bought pies we eat/ out again Back Looking
  • Its 5 am no nik
  • It’s 6am no nik
  • I doze and@ 6-45 I hear noise I shout Brion? No Reply- NIK Im Running stumbling
  • By our front door nik is on his knees full of Blood and What’s that smell? his crying he was attacked I help him