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 “Disturbed – 

They my never know my complete story it feels like this silence I was forced to keep 


Welcome Home  “Voices”

My Journey with Homeopathic remedies is great/

However Im Triggered My Boy is sick and had Febrile convulsions WE BEEN Battling and all I can Think he’ll die

Last Night I Returned To work and for days I ve slept little/ voices Have Returned I M BATTLING

Ive Tried the Remedies But Nothing Is Working strangley/ I’ve taken Normal Meds But Im In Hell-

To Crown it all My Husband Has taken work in Wellington We Moving and Im Resigning In afew weeks- God HELP ME Through THIS👣🙏

Blown away by pain

It never fails to escape me the pain that comes to surface each time Im faced with traumatic feelings..

Today at therapy I started disociating due to some intimate stuff I was trying to get out..and after nearly 40min of trying to get it out ,my therapist said there was something we needed to talk about????

She had drapped me with a weighted blanket earlier in our EMDR session and as she began to reveal this something i felt panic strike me the words came out I’ve decided to work with children now and will be moving into a different department  ….At this stage my body and brain SCREAM get out now.As I threw things off and tried hard to avoid choking on tears I got as far as the door “Lisa please you don’t need to go can you stay a few more minutes with arm holding my shoulder I felt maybe????maybe what ??as I stopped the tears flooded and she immediately placed the buzzers from EMDR into my hands,what was to come I never expected my body convulsed shaking uncontrollably I collapsed to the ground in a corner holding onto my body ..A this stage she placed the weighted blanket over me and sat next to me with her hand firmly on my body (It felt ok but oh the pain played its part as I shook horrible my brain and body feeling the past neglect of my mom leaving. 

It felt forever as I broke apart…even after leaving I could barely drive home and still as I write at nearly 11 at night the pain stays.