Now to reveal more effects of homeopathic remedies

As I continue my journey I’ll reveal more of the process so since seeing Anthony the Psychiatrist and jeanique they both wanted me to return to Heidi sooner for more relief with an anxiety problem.

Immediately got an appointment for the next day, were Heidi put me on Ars after receiving my first dose at her clinic I felt no different [one thing at this early point i need to reveal  she had forgotten to tell me was Ars not always brings all your symptoms out before getting better-at this point had no clue] So off I left with one little packet of ARS for the next three days….by 12 that afternoon I had a headache by 5 pm I had my second dose by 8 pm I was shaking, vomiting,blood pressure had risen horribly ,stiff jaw, pounding heart and yet  anxiety was not quite as heightened as usual “this is worth mentioning as I usual freek out by now.By 8 pm I had rang on call to get cover for me there was no wayI i could work. Friday night I had no sleep as I weathered my storm and rode the waves I was now at my wit’s end….Saturday morning early I text this poor woman Heidi explaining what has happened immediately she told me to stop as it had aggravated the symptoms -[yet this once again can only happen if the remedy was well selected and then things should settle 1-2 days ]mmm at this point this never sat well with me and I just wanted this remedy stuff out my body. Its worth it to mention my emotional state had unwound in a flood of tears] BY 1 PM Saturday I HAD FALLEN ASLEEP AND WOKEN AT 3 PM FEELING BETTER. Saturday night I slept like a baby Sunday exhausted sore chest and body muscles…..still I took care even though I went to work took things slowly gently, mindfully the noticeable part was my concentration to me it was far more alert than usual.

Monday Heidi made no contact, Tuesday no contact, Wednesday our younger boy went to her with his chronic sinus disease and as he began filling in the paperwork she asked how I was feeling….Honestly, i was angry before this visit however strangely I feel good different the noticeable part was I was less anxious she noted I noticed the concentration..then I asked about what had happened..Heidi describes it as it has to get worse another word the remedy brings it out before it can better.

I’ve continued without ARS now but Heidi mentions she will use it again in near future …And at present I’m managing great in some parts havent healed complety its a


From your heart to mine

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