I’ve been on journey of emotions lately and well sleep deprivation continues as quitiapine or any meds make me feel awful …so recently a few weeks ago I decided to try homeopathy I looked a lady up in the area and rang her…my first appointment was really the “unexpected ” this bubbly personality blonde headed lady got me at the door..

After a few minutes of brief paper work and embarrassment not sure to reveal I had ptsd just put anxiety I relaxed back for the nxt stage.

Her nxt pieces were nothing to be expected lol..she began questioning in depth back and forh my feelings,events etc this process was 2 hours. The journey here after has been intended as it wasn’t as straight forward as me taking her meds as my fear of meds is still her initial first step was rescue remedy mixed in water this took a whole hour and i was feeling different..the nxt two days after I started on Aconite with rescue remedy..i then started to get sick with my stomach a stomach issue I have with resistance to food its been 5years battling on off..Heidi then did a acute course of treatment for a week  I’ve just started normal meals and swelling has gone to..but have cut many things out.

Yesterday I saw Anthony with jeanique at mental health and however my anxiety and chemical imbalance is not under control they pleased for a start .Anthony wanted me to go to respite and take time off after a recent outburst and voices again,I refused and so he wanted me to go back to Heidi  and to increase meds to help with imbalance. Today I met once again this was no different Heidi takes much care well considering her choice in meds so today I’ve started something else as well as supplements I lack ..i must tell you prior to our first visit I had a range of blood tests and saliva tests she uses these to add to her choice in meds in my treatment. 

There were a few things I’ll talk about later that contributed to my symptoms I had no clue!

But at present I can’t wait to feel improvement and Begin EMDR differently



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From your heart to mine

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