Pain in learning to get my parts to live together ..its a beginning 

This past while, hourly I’m faced with new pieces of strange interaction voices come and go they fight regularly and allow little rest even with meds😣 my body expels energy by jurking and jumping and restlessness prevails..

Then there my long time make believe friends they been around since 3 yrs of age ..actually I think they live in our house as a kid prior to renovations they been jolly my comfort they always nice Johnny dominates activities and Can happily follows..this morning well driving home after night shift they played I spy a game were you guess what the other person thinks beginning with a letter,however I couldn’t hear them they were laughing I could get there game by watching there faces.

These voices are part of me and then real me…however Johnny and Can are real I see them unlike my voices…

Last week I had two accidents one on the express way thinking I saw them I avoided a car mounded a circle..following day I was late for work  and the nxt day my son and myself had someone with a Ute ride over the entire bonnet of my car nearly taking nik face out ..we walked away unscaved but shaken. 

Today jeanique tried to talk about them I was stuck in my brain trying hard not to run finding words was hard my brain hid behind her chair trying to block anymore out…

Its a horrible Journey to try get these pieces to live together…and it’ll take time I guess 😆


2 thoughts on “Pain in learning to get my parts to live together ..its a beginning ”

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