And it continues 

I’m utterly exhausted drained it’s now 3.24 am and iv been awake since 11pm

Briefly fell asleep at around 7 thereafter awake about 9.30 crying

I’m hanging in my mood has come back up but I’m not sure how long it will last.

Jeanique rang last night I tried explained I’m not sure it’s over…she mentioned that I said she was like my family, I apologized she’s aware something wrong ,I was told to take clonozepam do I know were it is..ya but I had one left!

Right now I wish she was here


10 thoughts on “And it continues ”

  1. Lis
    Get more Klonipin, same as you take just brand name. Do left yourself down. You are a rocky track but a track none the less. Stay strong, tell her what you need, don’t set back with one pill. I have 100% confidence you are moving forward, the bumps don’t go away. Be realist, you have a difficult diagnosis and you just starting to get what appears the right doctors.
    If you like the waterfall post, reblog to here, maybe it will bring some comfort. I can clear my head and remember taking the photo and funking up.

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      1. It would be awesome if mental illness would go away or have a cure. I know your suffering, I’ve spent many nights crying with you. Just learning what your previous doctors failed to do has set you back. Look forward now the best you can.
        you have a team of doctors who listen and respond. I know there is no end to the intense suffering, stay compliant with doctors, you will see the world in a different light.
        Keep fighting, you have fought for years with doctors not suited to provide the correct treatment. You have that team, see what they can do.
        Don’t give up.


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