Heavy feelings 

Yesterday at work a colleague who has terrible behavior tore me apart the day I battled. ..Last night I colapased chest pain and violent shaking the boys including brian sat with me …I cried and shook uncontrollably it feels awful I’m so fragile and scared it’s hear to stay !😢


9 thoughts on “Heavy feelings ”

      1. You are a fully capable woman now and not a child you can take control of his remarks… don’t go on the defence but offense… When he says anything belittling or opposite to the truth.. say that may be your opinion but is not the truth as I know it. In other words don’t let him bully you… just my thoughts! Diane xx

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  1. Lis
    It’s horrible your still having problems with your mental health spilling over to work, it very difficult to keep them separated. You haven’t been posting on Survivors Blog Here and wanted to know if you are having any difficulty with the reblog? Several people had issues with reblog this month.
    I’m thrilled o hear EMRD is helping, at you time my therapist suggested I go thru the treatment. The challenge is David taking so time off work already. I’ve made improvements and starting a new med to help me get more sleep.
    You’ve taken big steps in continuing to participate in the treatment and if you’re coherent you can do that, just keep lines of communication with everyone including husband where you are and feeling so he can react appropriately.
    Be sure to get fresh air by walking by ocean. You are moving forward and that is bottom line, the more you can get the voices to stop which for me it’s working in backyard helps me clear my head .


    1. I’m glad to hear u making progress iv been wondering how your health is ,glad u working on your sleeping.
      Emdr is going good partially I think because I’m opening up more whether good or bad moments last week was rough my mood and self harm increased but I’m mellow in out just panic has increased and chest pain mainly at night which scares me ..I’m off to jeanique for emdr now..hopefully I can be more honest. .
      Sending love M miss u lots


  2. Lis
    Is your father coming alone? I pray without the other family members it might be a good time to talk or determine if it’s time to cuff certain family to help you move forward with your treatment.
    I’m sending good karma your way, return my comments when you have time so we have time to talk.

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  3. I remember the feelings your experiencing Lisa from when I had the Symptoms of Bi-Polar even though I did not have Bi-Polar, I had Hashimoto’s disease but it’s treated now so I don’t suffer like I use to but like everyone else I still have my down days when everything seems to be upside down but I keep focusing on the good not what would pull me down further. I feel very much for you Lisa, your in my heart and Prayers.

    Christian Love Always – Grannie Annie.


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