Hello “it’s been awhile “

It’s been awhile since blogging, I’m sitting relaxing before work at 3pm watching my boy take an early morning swim..my shifts at work leave me appreciative to funny time differences sometimes I’m relaxing oddly after 12 at night .My new job is tiring exchausting to say the least but very rewarding iv taken on team leader position for a facility for intellectually disabled  adults and the dynamics of past history in the facility is something to be reckoned with lol but they enjoying and excepting a fresh perspective they tell me!

Our move to our new house went well and I’m glad we settled all is well. 

Therapy has begun again and iv started EMDR THERAPY my new therapist is from Netherlands  is really well onto things iv probably only had 5 x sessions she’s gentle& encouraging and yet reads between my dissociative states of avoidance and pushes for more information then (when I don’t wanna talk ) ..this week I’m on a bit of high I hate them but somehow im welcoming been present  ..excepting  my emotions are high that I hate .With my highs comes a feeling of honesty I can’t avoid that makes me vulnerable and i wanna cry easily from such raw pain.

Tomorrow is my off day and it’s therapy day too ,I’m kind of looking forward to it as I’m in a different space of a high .Then Friday I have a psychiatrist appointment she has removed already some meds iv found her difficult to deal with. .her plan is to remove all meds so therapy can work better and faster lord help me as I’m trying at least to keep eppilum on board! 

That’s all from me for now Happy new all hope it’s a blessed one!;)


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