This morning pictures of the sea in Napier 

It’s incredibly calm before the rain hits and almost gives s false allusion that it will possibly subside..

It’s like the fire and rain in my soul 😧as I continue to get well..


One thought on “This morning pictures of the sea in Napier ”

  1. Hi Sweets
    The morning sunrise, undisturbed sand, fresh air, silence, This is perfect time a day to walk , feel the sandy between your toes. Clear you mind, will it so, pray for God to hold your hand, walk with and impart some wisdom to ease your pain and the strength to think about your like to be, not fantasy, what you can do in small pieces which is how most learn about life. Your post yesterday expressed the pressure the issues you struggle. Many struggles are what you mentioned a not your mental illness. Enormous step, looking at truth and not turn away. I have always believed in you and know your strength will pull you forward.
    I’m sure your son will enjoy walking on the beach.
    Big Hug


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