Support from Hannes 

I finally gained courage to call Hannes Today especially as my need grew to feel pain …i had tried curling up and sleeping after I had left a message,then shopping afterwards for more distraction.

And we’ll I’m walking to the car Hannes rings ,he tells me his worried about me and some what cross with himself for not listening to his inner voice last week when I left he felt the pieces I wasn’t in s good space and he needs to be there ..I of course was saying are you not replying to my message earlier? no he said I haven’t received it grrr it’s new receptionist sorry. ..

My crisis plan for the next 24 hours is *pro’s and cons for each time my need grows to hurt myself or cut.*distractions a must .*and lastly what’s happening when I feel these things…!:'(

Friday afternoon I’ll see Hannes and he’ll organize support at the session!


8 thoughts on “Support from Hannes ”

  1. Reaching out when you’re in a bad place takes HUGE COURAGE and self awareness. You are self managing and practicising self care. I think thats awesome! Use the blog as an outlet (we’re all here!) and talk with as many people as you can. I’m holding out for you xx

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      1. It’s a struggle. But I’m relying on my psychiatrist. Like you I’ve become more self aware, and I think that’s half the battle. Now I’m focussing on each step. Shame you don’t live locally x

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  2. Hi Lis
    I’m disappointed he did not work you in today or at least have a discussion to know what med change or not for you come Friday. You can’t go into next week like this, it won’t work. Writing down a list is great, I know you and how your anxiety takes over and the list becomes pointless at that state. I agree with him, he didn’t listen to you last week and if he had you might be on your way to feeling better. A doctor leaving a patient with thoughts of hurting themselves with a list and see you Friday is reckless. You’ve already talked about how you’ve hurt yourself in small ways, how for or how long before you escalate is unknown.You need anxiety meds as a parts of your current meds or you’ll be back here, your anxiety level is to high and you can’t move forward with your other mental health challenges if you’re in a state like this.
    You have to take steps to do what is right for you and feels comfortable. You have suffered for weeks, I would make a list on all the ways he missed signals when you were in big trouble, how he responded and ask him on Friday what language do yo need to use to let him how far down you are. How can you to communicate better so your not left hanging out there on a limb in this state which is quite dangerous. You wiill probably not feel comfortable with that approach, if he is going to remain your doctor he has a responsibility to ask a few questions to help access your mental state with every call. You took the right steps which took courage and self control, he did not respond to your calls. It’s not like your calling to shoot the shit, he has to take responsibility for his part of the communication breakdown.
    Do anything you can, except drive to distract yourself, like you said 30 minutes at a time. Think about what support you need now to function, take that to the meeting, he should she your drowning.


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