After Math of therapy yesterday 

This week i hit the four week mark 🎶🎼🎵🎻of new meds let’s dance I think ! ..but with  side effects one of been the constant need to eat and a weight gain of 5kg yuk I’m not impressed. Yesterday I spoke about stopping  alanzaphine and was immediately shot down by my key worker the pros are voices have subsided dramatically just watch what you eat grr I have no control of it I feel. ..😭

On a brighter side Hannes took lots of tack and care yesterday at therapy, he asked questions and has asked I talk to him rather than Christine about after math of therapy during my week and though his taking it easy yesterday at therapy on me next week will be balls to the walls . ..Today I feel grounded more a focus on new stuff .. THIS HARD I’M FULL OF ENTHUSIASM EXCITEMENT ETC BUT IN HOURS I KNOW IT CAN CHANGE …. welcome to my world 😥

Getting our citizenship and dealing with immigration is my focus today and yesterday I also asked for more hours and this morning received 10 more hours a week ,I do re- enable ment clients and it’s really suits me in terms of stress …i also know I dig deep for work to avoid my feelings is this another avoidance? ??


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