Thoughts and feelings

I’m panic stricken and exhausted as things lie …we off to new Plymouth to support my husband’s sister tommorow things have got really bad we looking at two three weeks left now…my sister will under go double mastectomy Monday and mom is in so much pain she wants to end her life….
Well I battle friday i smashed my head in to the window and it bounced back into my arm leaving me rithing in pain ,I want to be able to be there for our family “but” I’m battling and I’m hating my sudden feelings of panic attacks ,today I shouted at becs during therapy to stop well talking about mom and then I battled to breathe and had to leave …what failure I feel 😭the feeling is just exchausting and horrible!


3 thoughts on “Thoughts and feelings”

  1. I’m thinking of you, give your heart and the love you have. That’s all God ask of us. I know it’s hard on you with everything crumbling down. You have to put you pain aside, take an anxiety pill and be with your family. You feel bad now but later you will beat yourself up. You have enough bad and stressful thoughts, do the best you can. Pray for them, pray for strength and pray with them.


From your heart to mine

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