The unknown of my moods

I’m trying hard to step things up take new steps in keeping busy when not working i haven’t  engaged in them yet but I’m thinking more of taking them up👍
Down side👎:'(
The down side my moods are irractic I’m irrational and relationships are hard and fragile in my life “IT HURTS ” we say hard horrible stuff to each other flying to opposite rooms screaming and back and forth,him pushing me to go to work full time but I can’t manage it “JUST MORE STRESS I wish I could though run till the end.. obviously i don’t mean to swap and change but I do, I keep trying hard to catch it early but I’m missing the signs far to quickly. ..I manage work briefly and explode in server anxiety as i hit the car.. my quitiapine  is working briefly but I don’t wanna talk about a increase in that too ,iv just had an increase in eppilum and this is hard iv battled bad headaches and now sleep I’m awake from 3 am wide awake 😧this weekend I’m sleeping early afternoon for two hours.
Tomorrow I’m back to work, wondering how I will manage 😵

At the back of my head or maybe the middle near front I’m aware anniversary day is looming closer😭


From your heart to mine

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