substantially moody

Things change so radically for me and this week iv decided im gonna take more things into my hands hopefully for a better outcome….iv been adding extra med to sleep this is helping some mornings on a high meaning at lunch im crashing or little latter aggravation emerges and then the usual numb brain,fretting to find words etc other times im great i love those day!

This week im off to my GP as my psych will only see me every two months bummer,as i need him now this weekend prevails agony


2 thoughts on “substantially moody”

  1. Every two months doesn’t help much until you are stable for some period of time. Be careful writing your on RX’s, every extra pill leaves you without in half time. What can your GP do while your Psych is unavailable?
    Be careful. Extra dosage can add to the side effects.
    Take care of yourself.
    Xx M


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