⏳Hours loom nearer

It’s 5.45am in Nz time I’m well aware or awake for many hours now my brain going round and round what i will say how I will feel. . iv decided to go ahead make the call make an appointment to meet with Detective? ?
Around my abuse and precedure there to follow what i wasn’t expecting was to meet this early we meeting tomorrow early afternoon 😭:twisted::oall these emotions raging forward as i retrieve  replaying  so much back,
I had surpressed  so much I’m now finding myself over the weekend going holy fuck how will I say this stuff how did I survive?
I’m going tomorrow alone I need my space it’s mine and iv always seen it that way in a funny kind of way I too feel stuck in my own head I wanna be alone not talk ,then oddly I here M my old therapist say “come on girl tell me what’s going on in your head” and I wish I could! But like I said I wanna plod this alone tomorrow I will go with no support and later meet my counselor that i haven’t seen in months Becs we’ll talk things through, well I hope I can find words or even a mouth to talk or will I be stuck in my brain once again screaming to try say something?


4 thoughts on “⏳Hours loom nearer”

    1. Thanks Dianne
      Iv done it already but have chosen not to write as i have lots going on!

      This weekend I told my younger boy of my childhood maturly he responded I understand now mom😭 just like each step iv taken telling my story to family I was overwhelmed by his answer! Made me think of the day u supported me telling dad I was overwhelmed 😢by your love in supporting me..thought I’d share with u

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