My thoughts are endless

Whatever is going on for you just wait I’m busy I’ll be there later ..😭
Do you know later might be to late?


All I need is support now



I’m sick of this message above ,because between the lines I’m fucking battling

I don’t want my husband or child to visit right now unless I’m knocked out I’m gonna die the disturbance is so overwhelming in me 😠the new antiphychotic  meds knocks me out if I can get my mind to take them if I don’t mental health shout at me they call no body understands me i don’t either every night the horror arives and fights me ,and I’m told to get over it fight it …BUT THE FORCE IS GREAT LIKE THOUSANDS OF KG ON MY CHEST I’M DRIVEN BY ADRINALINE TO FIGHT


2 thoughts on “My thoughts are endless”

From your heart to mine

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