I was admitted for respite today ,it’s my second night of not sleeping and there’s heaps going on mentally.
My mom continues to play a game of ignoring me well i confront her of stuff and so my agony grows as I’m sure hers does to,yesterday I canceled my interview for today one because of our financial situation two i just couldn’t get myself there mentally I was so far disacioted and exhausted so hubby and myself argued of my stupidity.
Did you ever experience how much spouse support can help your mental wellbeing or break you down ..I’m more convinced I feel just that ,therefore I’m greatful for a break It doesn’t mean I don’t care I’m worried I need to get up be  apart of my game step up and grow ,but I question will I ever or when will I have inner strength for people’s words not to effect me so deeply ?
Tonight I’m wide awake I’m scared there’s men here too the staff are lovely I’m been comforted but I’m alone friends are scares I’m feel down and out and hypervigalant!



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From your heart to mine

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