Experiencing different moods well coming off meds

…My brain function is up and down and well I had one great day of been able to feel and utelise my brain fully with no numbness which was FANTASTIC I live for those days …I have to admit it hasn’t been all days like that and im sure you know that but im writing this blog as piece to many different days and so others going throw similar can hopefully relate to the harsh reality of mental illness and its medicines and going with out .Don’t get me wrong they work im just having a moment of being adamant of stopping my meds for a few reasons one my moms an addict and recently after many years she zonked out her mind secondly im over our mental health my key worker never actioned the next script just ignoring me and this was another result ,and just for clarification I had left her I was forced to go through her ….but no longer

Its hard to function or stay okay in a day when your inner self changes all the time ,and I don’t say it lightly but its true its incredibly challenging at present to stay focused on my bigger picture of no meds and still focused on being ok is bladdy hard .Iv noticed over this week im trying so hard that when I have turned into the not so good BOOM its in my face actually giving me fight as if someone just scared me …my colleagues continue to ask if im ok obviously knowing nothing about me I say im fine but ya its obviously evident for them. Friday I had a little irritation to colleague of mine blaming me for something she did and me not making her aware lol I did …telling her to get over herself please I don’t have time for stupidity …My brain function ,yesterday on a trip to coromandel with the family was met with lots of irritation and loads of  exhaustion in my body ,being able to take in little of what people say is in many ways like being permanently hyper vigilant but not knowing whats being said ,crazy I know and im sure for others it might be other wise ! Today iv woken at 9.30 after sleeping non stop from when we got in yesterday at 16.30 …iv worked around the house trying to contend with a numb head sharp pains in my brain and anger arising with tears ,as well as shaking terribly today -yesterday hubby mentioned im talking to myself or answering myself im not aware voices are back but sure as hell don’t wont them around in the mix…. My family appear normal still ,well by that I mean we not arguing about me not taking  meds yet ..and my progress largely depends on there support “im not holding my breath “its hard for them too.





8 thoughts on “Experiencing different moods well coming off meds”

  1. Will you go back to some minor ‘buffer’ medications if you need? I guess it must be hard to work out what’s ‘normal’ as in environmental reactions, what’s you, what’s side effects and what could be onset of illness? And all at the worst time of year when everyone is either acting nuts or driving you up the wall! Be strong, have faith in yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or time out xx

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