Inserts of believing in me …hope you enjoy


There’s a piece this week im working on looking after me ,I had started to get sick Wednesday already with a sore throat but was determined to push through as it was my first week at my job “and really was thinking this doesn’t look good “but I was determined to FUDGE this sore throat and get through ,until Thursday night I was awake exhausted  vomiting and my throat was raging worst than the Wednesday when I finally arose Friday morning yes glued shut and finished ….However still not really wanting to stay home I went to work were I called my boss and left for the doctors.

Its funny theres a few things going through my mind at this stage -one ill loose my job ,two I cant tell hubby I came home hell be cross “crazy”,three m a looser im worth nothing if I cant stick a week out at work…..WRONG – There’s so much I have to give to teaching these little guys ,I come with a heap of different experiences to share ,and if my new company cant respect I was really  sick and im worth it then this isn’t it!…However after a doctors appointment I was sent home with tonsillitis ,ear infection ,bronchitis and extremely high blood pressure ,the last two my chest and blood pressure I had no clue I had but later evening It revealed it self full on ….im extremely sick today but again hoping to believe in me ill survive and get through im home till Tuesday.



Some favourite songs  sending much love to all hope this lifts and inspires you for who you are !


32 thoughts on “Inserts of believing in me …hope you enjoy”

      1. That sucks. You just have to keep pushing forward to make you happy. It’s not easy, my previous marriage was so hard for me to end. When you know it’s gone, time to move on. With kids, you have to do more planning.


      2. How old are your kids/adults?
        I don’t have any, cancer at 28 and total hysto so end of kids. This sounds crazy, some women should not have children. Like my mother, if you abuse and say terrible things, you don;t need children. Get a dog.


      3. My boys are 14 years old and the oldest 20 studying. ..sorry to hear about not having kids ,I think you sound like u would be an awesome mom …
        Each day is a learning curb and parenting styles change as they grow ..most of all I’m learning to love unconditionally very slowly but so importantly. my boys

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      4. Wow you have a 14 year old at home, that’s scary. They start hearing what there buddies are doing.
        I feel like a friend and mother to some at WP. With my career and traveling, probably good thing no kids.
        I know you will enjoy seeing your older son.


      5. You want to see bad behaving kids, one is 16. Visit dotedon.wp., Paola talks everyday about the antics on her kids. She’s a total push over. I told her I’m coming over there, she lives in Germany, I will get the kids marching in line, saying yes mate and no lip. Then I would teach her how to wrangle them in. We are great friends, but kids would love her for a mom, they’ll get anything or moan till she does it.
        Another good reason I don’t have kids. I suffer from Bipolar and run a tight ship.
        Take care. You’re doing a great job lifting yourself up and taking baby steps. Working will challenge you, maybe even create problems. Prepare and know there is no failure when trying as hard as you’re working. No kicking yourself and fall backwards. If you have to fall, fall forward, you can pick yourself up much faster.

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      6. I’ve been as close as Australia, loved it and will go back. If you have not traveled, get out a piece of paper and start writing. Look at my Bucket List, it has more than just traveling. I’ve wanted to see the world for as long as I can remember. It’s not the place as much as memories made.
        Bucket List can inspire on a yucky day.

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      7. Isn’t that where tons of Tasmanian Devils live? I don’t scare lightly, they are rough!
        I’ll let you know when we book the trip.
        Wednesday is Veterans Day, I want to post everyday for our Heros.
        Stay on the up side 🙂
        I realized late last night, mixed you up with the same person as before. Having a tick borne disease means the little spiral pasta looking critters travel throughout your body. They look for a house to party, usually major organs including the brain. Bottom line, they are eating my brain, totally gross. I have three tick borne illnesses. When they build a house in your brain you lose memory. The doctor said I was around 30-40% cognition. I forget in 5 minutes on most things. Seeing animation of what the illness does to you’re body is terrible. I have to look away, it’s different when you see your disease from the inside.
        Hope it’s not dinner time.
        Have a great week. I have medicine going in my port now.

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      8. You can find me at
        then you can use you had before WP hit the bottle. You can find me at previous name. I think it will work. I did no know WP directed friends/followers to that address. Let me know how it works.


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