Mentally under attack

The past few years have led me down different roads ,but always bringing me back to one I know. .I might not always follow 24/7 but I pick pieces up here and there and always greatful for my Christian friends who remind me the Lord’s there ,near looking out for me .

While iv been taken this past week down another road i write of been under attack. .it’s really true the minute one surrenders to go the more these things seem to arise ,well for at this present it’s true!
My dreams of loosing my job and fights with my new boss are there ..iv also come home sick on Friday and seemed to be sleeping most of the weekend and vomiting also in my dreams as i couldn’t attend work and that’s why I was fired crazy! The more I seem to rebuke satin from my life in Jesus name the more he arises in crazy ways..we received a call from brian sister her husband age 45 is in hospital out of the blue lung cancer stage 2/3 this too was added as death to my dreams at his funeral we tossed and turned all night.
Another was boy last weekend went away with a family we don’t know, i did the whole family meeting thing ,telephone numbers address were he would be met the family etc ,my boy had a good weekend thankful strong and confident, but some family members did drugs and another young kid did this choking thing we’re the rush to head is meant to be great nik tried persuading him not to but wasn’t able to stop him ,the kid had a seizure felt yuk for rest of weekend. ..I was thankful my boy could talk about how troubling this is for him nice families etc but awful stuff happening, thank goodness he called regularly as it was long weekend .
Nik away again with the kid this weekend same we met talked of our expectations etc numbers, except nik hasn’t called either out of range or I fear the worst again another added pieces of my dreams of nik not been ok!
So with this blog I’m writing I’m reminded so many times of God’s promises of never forsaken me or my family and so friends pray for your kids it’s incredibly difficult growing up they see so much more and are subjected to more influences than I was ever…
Father god ,
Here our prayers far and wide in the name of you Jesus Christ son of God love and protect our children to make good choices and rebuke satin from there lives. .
In Jesus precious name AMEN


9 thoughts on “Mentally under attack”

  1. Lisa
    I see so many positives in your post. God will never give us more than we can handle. At times, when the going gets rough it’s easy to forget. I believe God is preparing us for the next promotion or challenge. We have to remember who is guiding our life. It sounds like you’ve got in touch with your religion. So glad.
    Take care. I have you other post to read.

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  2. I have agreed in prayer with you that Satan is now dismissed from you and the family; that you are protected…. God does not leave us defenseless because we … always have the name and power of Jesus Christ. Satan does rear his head from time to time… but we can always tell him to leave… but you know that! I will pray and I will believe with you.

    How great is it that Nick is forthcoming with you. I would imagine he’ll be home soon, and not going back to that family again….

    Take care Lisa… Diane xx

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