Relentless mind and type two bipolar

I think it’s A first I was this aware of my extremely high mood last week out of the blue ,it was great nothing seemed to matter I felt alive extremely alive but the no sleep set the signal I know that was my concern, but two nights and two days and it was over I was sleeping again  and having nightmares were back and so they’ve continued and BOOM I’m flat out of blue with strange aroused state needing sex ,this is first I’m not usually like this as its a trigger of my past not a must  …
Don’t get me wrong I had it before but none that i noticed my key worker in palmerston north did and my psychiatrist there….
Does anyone else experience similar? ?


7 thoughts on “Relentless mind and type two bipolar”

  1. When I manic or cycling feeling sexual. Thinking about sex, anything with sex is part of mania, when single made many mistakes while manic. I loved the high as much as anyone but falling twice as far down helped me to see the danger. I could have been a victim like the murder shows I watch. Being 52 I’m aware when my mood is up. If there is not an outside reason to be over aware or think I’m ten feet tall, I know to call my doctor.
    I pray you find a med mix to keep you from cycling.

    Thinking of you


      1. It is Bipolar, it’s the things other people or doctor can see. I’m Bipolar and if people didn’t know me they may not notice. My friends, family, husband and doctor could see clearly. Bipolar isn’t just the highest and lowest, those are the worst and dangerous. It’s all the space between highest and lowest that people can respond differently every time. It’s a complex disease because it doesn’t always look the same. Did you get a copy of my mood chart? That will help along with a journal dedicated to your mood. You learn how to shorten a description of your mood. You take both to Psych for him to see black and white what our doctor can’t see all the other time outside of office. Bipolar Disorder has a mind of it’s own. The clearest way to communicate with doctor is ask the first time you bring something written. Then ask if the words used, does this makes sense, is there a better way to communicate with you. When you can do that over time you’ll be more aware of illness and how to be on same page with doctor.
        That’s a lot of info.
        Take care and remember this will pass.


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