Dealing with Distress Group

So two weeks ago I started this group work ,called dealing with distress  however iv told you about my first session and my week of hell this is were im at now —

Is this possible I ask myself without even being able to answer It myself, crazy as it sounds –YESTERDAY = A fabulous day

Dissociation  was far from me I noticed so much driving to group that actually at some point I thought I was lost lol this is so true -excited to get started I shared my crap week or a week of hell were others so could relate to my ups and downs which of course in its own makes a difference never questioned my craziness .Another ASPECT =yesterday me staying with my feelings which to contributed to a good feeling of being in control my brain was been very co operative=HOORAY as this seldom happens for me!


After Group this lady walked out chatting to me and a guy from group joined in from behind, the lady left and we continued to chat and said goodbye as I reached my car and climbed in I felt oozy,drained and nausea and as I sat in the warmth of my car accepting there’s a trigger, my brain partially recaptured the sexual abuse the smell of deodorant the smell of sperm and feeling emotions   I actually started to cry but also became still and no vomiting accured  ,with great excitement I write telling you all this as my battle has been for a long time projectile vomiting at smells ,noises and even people=incredible ,stress resentment and hatred to myself always questioning, when next .

But today presents a question in its own , as I have not slept now for 28 hours ,what is happening usually no sleep =down ward spiral fast could yesterdays so awake brain be a distant memory fast ?I don’t wont to loose yesterday ,but im incredibly wide awake I walked patches at 6;30 on the beach did breakfast and then walked him again ,cleaned the house did the washing ,took a warm shower and yet still im  incredibly high… scared but so hanging onto yesterdays feeling of really living!!


8 thoughts on “Dealing with Distress Group”

      1. Just remember the higher you go the harder you fall. You don’t want to live on a rollercoaster.
        I’m asking Daniel to sed you an invite and maybe it will work. Since I’m having so many issues with WP, it may continue to bounce around. He has grandkids so it may be a couple days.
        Take care.

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    1. Thank you for your prayers Dianne, I’m honestly trying to stay in a positive frame and letting the fear rather melt away so far so good. .as for sleep I have managed some last night but with extreme nightmares present. .but I’m just going gently on myself and feeling the emotions rather than fighting!
      Sending love

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