My reality verses Anger

Let me tell you in short never let anger drive you !!
On Tuesday I was so mad with my dr and his advice and then my boss to add to it gets hours of mine wrong texting me while I’m working in the garden were the hell are you? You promised yesterday to work today lol I forwarded her own message from the day before asking me to work Wednesday not Tuesday. .
Anyhow now highly annoyed I was mowing the lawns before our next down pour and in the process I step straight into our lovely puppies whole they dug ..NICE LOL now picture this three dogs on top of me a foot throbing and my arm I broke few years back really paining and server ANGER
dropp it it’s not worth it i now see.
I had to get my self back into the house three dogs hold them at bay well two puppies thought let’s play and my big boy let them know she’ll kill us get lost now lol so on my bottom I shuffled into our house waiting for our teenager to arive home and get myself down stairs again on my bottom and off to a on crutches tendons crushed. .


3 thoughts on “My reality verses Anger”

      1. Tell him that you need him…. I know he works many miles away, but it may be good for him to know that! It seems that though we pray, your situation remains the same, but I know if we continue, God in His perfect timing will answer…. Love Diane xx


From your heart to mine

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