Fragmented mind or not?

Iv had another day of up/down  my mind has lighten up a little and though I should be jumping for joy  I still feel that large urge to scream the minute things become overwhelming that’s still quickly.

I had rang my therapist early in the week about not been able to wait two weeks for next therapy session, Only for her to tell me its Monday at 2pm and I cant really even remember when I saw her last ,so has this fragmented mind become one again? NO  im hating were im at its hard and just because it let up partially its not gone  .

My sleep continues to be little ,well there’s really little new things present I STILL HAVE THAT URGE TO SCREAM AND RUN and even to be honest I wish could kill myself that feeling is still a possibility of all the overwhelm..except now my boy is sick and even though we know what’s wrong today was another bad day like Sunday ,his exhausted and every time he gets up to do something it brings another attack on so we back at the Dr tomorrow again ,to make it worse hubby and myself are fighting about things that need attention and I cant” I JUST CANT “-I also haven’t booked his ticket home and his more mad im  not  good with stuff online bookings etc!

Im hating work and at present all the triggers have made me start looking else were for work,my body tells a story long over due to emerging into this world but still I remain scared what I say and how it looks



One thought on “Fragmented mind or not?”

  1. If you were to re-read what you posted, and think it was someone else saying those words, I think you would see that person ‘you’ are under a lot of stress right now… not really enjoying where you work, your son very sick at the moment and worried about him; your husband quite a distance away.. and hasn’t been able to be there when son was so sick, and generally uncertain about your feelings and what it all means. So dear friend, be gentle on yourself, realize that when you need to be, you are there for your family…. and that you can do the ticket reservation.. you just perhaps need to relax (I know not easy) take a deep breath and get it over with. Think about the other things you and your husband need to make decisions about but don’t fret. When he comes home.. is when you tackle that. … just my thoughts Diane


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