some more of update

My boy had bloods and x-ray yesterday and today all we know is goodness in one respect that all bloods were good except calcium lol easy fix!!

But as for a diagnoses we waiting to see dr at two to day but when she rang early her thoughts were of viral infection but which one is another guess …he continues to be extremely lethargic and pain comes and goes hard in the heart and down left arm so we just monitoring how long and times and each time we have many episode’s we have to ring in with pulse etc  grr starting to feel like a dr lol.

Jokes aside we praying this settles fast ..and the sun will shine gain brighter, im trying hard not to think of his past of cardiac arrests and apnoea attacks but ya ill admit its hard.



7 thoughts on “some more of update”

      1. Good to know… it’s 9:30am here. I’m going to get my hair done at 10:30 and then will be home until 2 pm or so. Maybe we can touch base after I get home from hair appt. (after around 11:30 am .. oh that’s not going to work your time… anyway keep in touch email or Skype message… Dianexxxx

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