Been scared this afternoon

My youngest arrived home last night, he left a week ago with a sinus infection and some meds…
Last night he told me of dizzy spells and feeling fainty!
Today this late afternoon he started complaining of server chest pain he stood up and his face told it all holding his chest he colapsed and we’ve had 4 more attacks but inspite of this our health line insists we watch and see ..

I’m more on edge, the past years of him stopping breathing was extremely traumatic and now hubby is away!
And not to mention I’m battling hanging on ..please pray it’s nothing serious his scared and so am I.


2 thoughts on “Been scared this afternoon”

  1. Your health line insists you wait and see .. Does that mean he hasn’t been seen by any doctor? Can you not take him to your emergency or urgent care? Do you think that something precipitated this happening…. Anyway too many questions from me… I will certainly be praying for both of you…. Diane


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