Fragmented mind


Its been absolute terror feeling  way like a fragmented mind ….Im those actual pieces of glass just falling to the ground….

Does anyone understand me ?

Does anyone hear me?

Each one carrying  a personality of its own

Im loosing this mind trying so drastically to hold onto normality

But the reality of normality is long gone they tell me,

The pain however ever never goes

But does anyone actually know how lost this fragmented mind is and how important searching for her normality is?

I just don’t understand why searching for normality is so far and hard to find!

Has anyone seen her complete?




9 thoughts on “Fragmented mind”

  1. I am so sorry that you are in such a bad place Lisa. I can only hope that your therapists and support workers can do something for you. While I can relate somewhat my thoughts were more depression related, and so you definitely need trained doctors/therapists. Of course you have my support and encouragement whenever I can give ‘that’ too you. With God’s help and your desire to be well, we can hope there can be a breakthrough…. Always thinking of you and will talk soon. (We will be out par of today)….Diane


  2. I’m sorry for your pain. Early in my recovery, I felt this way often. Finding bits of myself that were severed when I was young. Those parts of you are precious. Keep gathering them, honoring each one with the love and tenderness you always deserved.

    Doing inner child work was paramount to my healing. If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend you start researching it. You must go back for yourself.

    Love to you.


  3. I felt like this in the beginning of therapy. It’s so difficult but you are working towards putting all those pieces together. Try to see the good in what you’re doing, Lisa, it’s hard, I know, but you are working towards healing. Peace!

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