Ptsd in all its glory

I was gripped by a flashback last night while trying to relax in my hubby’s arms..
It was physically debilitating and left me shaking – I immediately went off to shower and get myself grounded clonozepam was my friend to again.

It took me a little while to settle and reassure myself there was no threat and fall asleep. .the nights lately have been rough I toss and turn and seek hubby’s reassurance his there and I’m ok.
This morning I was  woken at 4:30 am with nausea and gripped in fear to the extent breathing has been difficult all day..I layed there and started to cry I hated my therapist I physically hurt and all I could do was just lay there and wait it out..
I tried some avoidance like gardening later on,but it was short lived I had to just lay with it !
Its been reminding me of something trying to move through me, last week at therapy I spoke about a release internally coming and going, now its screaming  to come out and involuntary im arching my back opening my stomach and throat as i lay there waiting and waiting. …


3 thoughts on “Ptsd in all its glory”

  1. I’m so sorry 😦 it’s just awful, but you are clearly working on some great strategies to manage your symptoms. I really hope this spike in symptoms passes. Do you know what has triggered this? Or is it just one of those periods? Please take special care of yourself xxx


    1. Hi penny
      I just really think with all going on for me still I’m incredibly sensitive. .and just something as simply as cuddling up with hubby was a big enough trigger. ..
      iv woken again this morning and it’s there it’s letting me know slowly and gently!


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