The effects of telling of my rape story


I haven’t been able to sleep much-
My body continues to feel the pieces of the room there voices smells and laughter even noises of the bottles they uses to insert into me..
While each you could say had there specialty ,I don’t wanna remember it’s huge push in me ….
But it’s coming in all shapes if I lay down I feel as though I’m falling into that space of the abuse ,my jaw aches from all they made me do His kissing was so force able it hurt the oral sex I had to perform he was just as vigorous about ,until he ejaculated that smell remains engraved into my skin tonight.
Each had there part some following in his foot steps some holding me down well they shoved bottles into me ..I only know as i cry now the ceiling was my refuge I became so absorbed in it took me else were ..then there were some who just wanted sex ..

All this carried on from 5 till 15 even today i question why I never ran away earlier ,the last was my uncles rape while my mother recovered from surgery in a nearby room he raped me in the most painful way ..via my anus. .
It a a continuous reminder almost weekly that pain returns …

Right now warmth is helping a little though feelings of nausea remain!


2 thoughts on “The effects of telling of my rape story”

From your heart to mine

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